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Bartimaeus by Design

Bartimaeus by Design is an experienced metal manufacturer, specializing in component and turnkey solutions. With constantly evolving, state of the art machinery, our facility is setup to meet and often exceed the demands of a wide range of industries. We offer support in prototyping, finishing, stocking and more. From design to delivery, we are poised to be your vendor partner. 


Our Mission

Bartimaeus was founded on principles of faith and fairness and created with the emblem and motto to 'Live in Balance'.  We believe that our client's success is our success and we work hard hard to make that happen.  We let the needs of our client inform our growth and aim to continually evolve as times and needs change.  We strive for


    • We treat our customers and team members the way we wish to be treated.​


    • We actively pursue the preservation of our part of the God given world we possess and the community we inhabit​


    • Where possible, we do not make people wait.​


    • We are purchased with a price, living in a balance of faith and reality.

Our Vision

To operate a business through faith in God and to care for our employees/their families and our community.

One is never truly blind when their faith is in God - Mark 10

Made in America

With manufacturing being lost to overseas competitors, Bartimaeus by Design takes a great amount of pride in offering start to finish solutions, right here in America. When you use American Made, not only are you supporting the American worker, but You’re also taking advantage of lower minimums, faster lead times , and quality products. Trust Bartimaeus by Design to be your source for American made goods.

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