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Bartimaeus by Design

After years of being an independent rep to the furniture industry, our founder and owner witnessed a growing opportunity to provide his customers with custom metal components driven by the needs of their own designs. By focusing on the unique needs of the client, we were able to provide them with custom solutions that allowed them to outpace the competition. Higher quality. Lower quantity. Made in North Carolina. Even though he was a salesman with no prior manufacturing, our founder felt a responsibility to fulfill client wishes and recognized an opportunity. At a time when the market was departing our country for cheaper labor, he believed in the strength and value of American manufacturing. Venturing into the unknown, he saw his steps as akin to a figure he read about in the Bible, Bartimaeus, who was "blind from birth but lived like he could see", and so he set forth on his venture. From its single employee and garage-sized beginnings in 1999, Bartimaeus by Design has grown to over 110 strong, utilizing over 150,000 square feet of metal production space, surviving and growing through its strong relationships with clients and the precepts taught in Matt. 7:12.

Live in Balance

Bartimaeus was founded on principles of faith and fairness. This is reflected in our emblem and our motto to 'Live in Balance'. We believe that our client's success is our success, and we will work hard  to make that happen. We pride ourselves on being flexible and putting our clients first.  Just let us know what you need, and we will do what's needed to make it work. New customers find that our drive for quality, innovation, and outlook of mutual success set us apart from the rest.  Coupled with our range of abilities and focus on customer satisfaction, you'll find that we place ahead of the pack.

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