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The furniture industry requires an expansive selection as far as metal components are concerned.  Bartimaeus excels here through expert craftsmanship and our range of capabilities. By utilizing both our fabrication and finishing processes, Bartimaeus becomes your one-stop-shop for all metal components. With no MOQ on standard material sizes, you only have to order what you need. Polished stainless, brushed aluminum, and powder coated carbon steel are just a small sample of options. Whether it's a single piece to test in a new collection or a full production run, Bartimaeus's custom metal manufacturing offers the quality, diversity, and flexibility you need.

Growing up next to High Point, the furniture capitol of the world, gives us a strong advantage in the furniture industry.  Our founding practices were shaped by the needs of the furniture industry around us and we have grown with it as it has grown with us.  With years of experience, our salesman can provide expert insight on many of the complications and solutions in the business.  We've even developed a few solutions of our own.




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