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Experience at Your Service

The engineering department at Bartimaeus by design is comprised of our most experienced fabricators.  All orders go through this elite group before they are released to production.  Working with an array of software, our engineers can work with almost any software in the industry, allowing us to bring anything from napkin sketches to detailed 3D assemblies to life.

Engineering Abilities

Our engineering team's main goal is to help you and your product succeed.  Even if all you have is an idea, our team can help bring together methods, hammer out details, and work to create a co-engineered solution that perfectly fits your unique needs.  Specific services include:

3D Modeling
Part Nesting
Reverse Engineering
Value Engineering

Preferred File Types

Our engineers can work with a wide range of file types, but when available prefer:

.DXF / .DWG             .STP / .STEP           .ASM / .PAR           .IGES / .IGS

3D files or models are not required to start the engineering process, pictures and drawings are also accepted.

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